Monday, February 21, 2011

Lessons from the blind

I'm not legally blind.
But I very well should be.
Due to our budget cuts to allow more savings for Mt. Debtverest, I decided to cut contacts completely out of our budget. They were getting way too expensive, they were super thin because my astigmatism is SO bad and they would rip often (sometimes in my eye) I got glasses.

I haven't worn glasses since maybe 6th grade? So this was a change.

At first, I had SUCH a hard time with glasses.
I couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't see above or below them clearly and I still have to hold the handrail going down the stairs at school because I feel like I'm going to trip.

One thing remained the same whether with glasses or contacts - when I took them off I can't see a thing. (Seriously..)

When I first met Kc, I would have considered myself "financially" BLIND.
I had multiple credit cards and they were all maxed out. I spent and spent and spent until I would be calling the credit card companies asking for an extension on my credit line, or going in and begging my bank to reverse the overdraft fees. I was living for the present & didn't ever want to think about the future. I was determined to spend all that I had and I refused to think that the day would ever come when my bills would all be due. I was so blind in my thinking.
I probably had $20,000 all by myself. I had to have the nicest/newest clothes, the nicest car (I had a Landrover at the time..that I was upside down!), the newest this and the newest that.
I was naive and didn't want to even look at the area of finances in my life because it was SUCH a mess.
I was failing because I was wandering blind, like without my glasses, and spending all I wanted.

I want to encourage you to look and reflect on your spending habits.
Are you financially "blind" ?
Are you not looking at your finances because you don't want to? because it feels like such an out-of-control mess? because you already know deep down that if you do you will have to give up things you love? because you already know you are failing short?

I want to encourage you that I put on my glasses because I WANT to see. We decided on doing Mt. Debtverest because we WANT to be out of debt.
It's not fun walking around blind, running into things, stressing constantly about what I just might walk into, carrying the weight of that burden. I encourage you, financially, to stop carrying the weight of the unknown. The stress of the mess of your finances.
Pray about your debt and ask God to help you find a solution through HIS "lenses" that will make it all clear. Get on a budget and get on a plan.

See, If i wanted a resolution to get rid of the problem I could very well get Lasik. I want to. But Lasik costs money, there are high risks involved *that don't always happen* and than there probably will be some healing time of my eyes that may not feel so good.

It's the same thing with your money.
There is a resolution & it's called getting on a good budget. It will cost you certain things that you "need or love", there will be high risks involved (sacrifices required), and the healing/adjusting time may not feel so good.
But I promise you, lifting that weight of stress off of yourself and getting on a budget is just like me slowly planning & saving for Lasik.
It will all be worth it in the end.



  1. Hi Amanda, just stopped by your blog! I think it's really cool you're doing this and encouraging people along the way! Love you, Lauren from church :)

  2. Aw, thanks Lauren! You are so sweet :)