Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Updates!

We haven't posted since April 8th and we've had some major changes - our life suddenly was turned upside down in a matter of days and we've neglected updates. First things first, we found out on Good Friday .. I believe it was April 22nd, that we are adding a new addition to our family!
- I, Amanda, was working part time at the time we found out (and was in finals week) so within a week, God truly blessed me with a full time salaried job with benefits and an open schedule to go full time. We are due with our first baby on December 18th - and it's a little girl!

- We were living with a roommate and our lease was going to end on July 24th and so we started hunting for apartments in April.. none of the apartments made sense, so we started looking for houses. We just decided to apply for a loan and see if we'd get pre-approved and than go from there.. Well we ended up getting approved.. so we started searching. We didn't know we were pregnant at the time of our search so we went back and forth with "is this logical?!" "Does this make the most sense" and so we ultimately gave it up to the Lord for his will to be done.. and than we found out we were pregnant - and that changed everything. A week after getting my full time job, this house fell into our lap. LITERALLY. We walked through it before we were pregnant and the guy wanted $125. We had a VERY firm budget of $110, IF we were going to go that route, and so that was out of the question. This guy had put lots of money into this house, flipped it, and so as much as we wanted it.. We walked away. Well, a week into my new job (now knowing about this baby) - we got a call that this house was going to Auction starting at $89,900!!! We were anxious to put an offer on it, but we didn't have the down payment. We prayed and prayed and trusted the Lord and we made a phone call to my family.. only to discover that my great-grandma had left us $10,000. Specifically for a down payment for a house!!! Talk about an answer to prayer!!!!

So, we put in an offer for it - we first put in our offer at $108,00 (Kc heard that the guy wouldn't consider any offers below 100k) so we gave ourselves some wiggle-room. We were the best and highest offer we found out that night, but the guy wanted more money. So he counter-offered with $110 with us paying closing costs - we said no way... So we talked to our realtor who said to offer $114, with him paying closing costs, which essentially takes our loan back down to 110 after our down payment + earnest money. SO, when it was all said and done.. Our loan ended up being for 111k over 30 years. Once our Mt. Debtverest was all paid off, than we'd start on paying off our house and, our goal at the time was that we could pay it off in 7 years time.
Out of the $10,000 - we put $4,000 down. We learned that our payment would only change $6 a month for every thousand above and beyond our required 3.5% down, so we talked to my family & discussed if we could put $4,000 down, put $1,000 to the house (washer, dryer, blinds, furniture, etc.) and put the rest $5,000 towards debt. We understood it needed to go towards a home, but we needed it to go towards our Mt. Debtverest more than anything right than. We needed to knock that debt down $5,000 - rather than knocking down our house payment $30 a month...So we went that route and they were perfectly understanding about it all. We closed on our house on June 24th, moved out that weekend, paid one last month of rent on July 1st for the condo lease, and paid our first mortgage payment on August 1st. We never had to pay double rent.
- Kc got moved to salary at his job, I was on salary and than he picked up a weekend job working 20 hours a week. He worked 7 days a week, we'd see each other every night and a few hours on the weekends, but we were anxious to kill this debt before the baby comes.
- We had a game plan to get my loans paid off before December (or make as much progress as we possibly can on them) because I'm getting my Bachelor's this Fall .. I plan on graduating December 12th, which is like one week before my due date ... and so my loans would become due by June 2012 and we wanted to pay them all off before the baby comes. So, we were running hard after my loans and want to pay them all by December. ALL of our loans are still in deferment, but Kc's will be in deferment longer than mine because he still has at least 2 years of school ahead of him. We've made progress and since our journey started - God has truly been blessing us & we have made progress and have paid off $18,000 worth of debt as of now.
We still have quite a chunk left, but after my loans are all paid off - we will only have $14,000 worth of Kc's loans on our WHOLE Mt. Debtverest!! Obviously, we will have budget changes with this baby and our paychecks have gone down because of health insurance costs - but we we're still chugging along.. until last Tuesday, that is.
- Kc got let go at his job on August 2nd, he's looking for more buyer/purchasing jobs and right now can get unemployment for the time being. Our health insurance won't lapse because it's paid until the end of the month of August and mine kicks in at my job on September 1st.
Financially, we are on a spending/paying debt freeze until Kc finds another job. Everything we make is going straight into savings and we are just trusting the Lord knows that we want these loans paid off, and He will provide for us.

In these past few months, I've just really learned that God is truly in control. He is writing his story of how He shows up and takes care of his children - and he truly has. He's provided us with more opportunities than we thought imaginable, He's put me in a career in my field that I didn't have to have my finished degree for, and I believe he will provide another job for my husband. Right now, I'm almost 22 weeks along and so we have a little over 4 months left until our little Emerson Michelle Kelly decides to make an appearance, and so we've been frugal with maternity clothes, with the nursery, and we've been blessed by SO many people in our church alone who have blessed us with baby items. God keeps showing up around every corner and just blowing us away. That has been our last 4 months, everything is now updated showing where we are currently at - so we hope you continue to follow our journey!

Friday, April 8, 2011

What we've been up to lately..

We haven't posted in a little while so I thought I'd update all of you.
We are currently sitting at Marker #2 in Camp #2. We are out of the clearing of Camp #1 and are headed into our 2nd camp.

Distance to Camp 2: 13,800 ft

  • Marker 1: 2250 ft.
  • Marker 2: 2750 ft. - WE ARE HERE
  • Marker 3: 2750 ft.
  • Marker 4: 2750 ft.
  • Marker 5: 3300 ft.

Distance to Camp 3: 22,050 ft

  • Marker 1: 3500 ft.
  • Marker 2: 3550 ft.
  • Marker 3: 4500 ft.
  • Marker 4: 4500 ft.
  • Marker 5: 6000 ft.

We made a $1,000 payment on March 4 to our $2750 debt which is the next one up.
We than made a payment of $1200 to that same debt on March 26th so currently the balance is sitting at $550. We plan to pay this off in the month of April and than move on to the next debt.

I just want to encourage you with a verse today:

Romans 8:25 "But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience."

This climb has truly been a huge test of our patience. We have a desire to get to the top and Lord willing one day we will. If our hope rests in ourselves, we will get discouraged. BUT if our hope rests in the Lord and trust that he's teaching us patience and endurance all the way up this mountain, there is so much joy there!

Let's hope for things we do not see, and wait for them with an eagerness and patience!
Don't let your own Mt. Debtverest discourage you - trust HIM!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pressing on

Today has been a good day. Some days you wake up and feel exhausted. Today was one of those days but I presses on.

I got to work today and it started out a little crazy I felt tired and lethargic. I ate some food and just felt heavy. I heard a voice in my head that said "Go run" I took my lunch and just started running. When I finished I has run 1.5 miles. I was very encouraged.

I pressed on and stayed focused on my mission. I didn't allow my self to feel discouraged and just mope in it. I just took action. This is how I think we need to be in our finances. It's easy to become complacent and just "spend."

We need to be diligent with our time and money. Small amounts of money can add up quickly.

If you and I make small choices day by day to crack down and be on a financial "diet" we can lose some weight.

Press on.

Kc Kelly

Monday, March 14, 2011

Phone savings!

So today has been a really refreshing day! I woke up early (6:25am) and got on my elliptical and prayed and exercised for 40 mins. Next I read the word for about 40 mins, then went to work. It was really refreshing and I am glad I am growing in discipline.

Beyond that, we did our budget for April and we will be able to save almost $1400 this month to go towards debt! That will put us only $300 away from paying off another marker on our climb! Bringing the debt pay off to $8400 in only 4 1/2 months of really running towards our goal! This is a huge win. We will have paid off over $10,000 in 6 months if we continue at this rate!

Also amanda applied for another supplemental job that would really help us get ahead on our bills an debts. Please pray that God would help us in this.

We are pressing on towards the goal and staying on mission. I encourage you if you haven't to get on a budget, start making a plan, and start killing your debt. You think there is tons of time im sure, but the famine is coming! Be prepared!

Soli deo Gloria!

Kc Kelly

Saturday, March 5, 2011

HUGE WIN! $7000 paid in 3 1/2 months!

So today we got our tax refund back and we put it towards our MT. Debtverest! We paid off a whole Marker and a half.

We need to update the site because we are now on our way to camp two and are on Marker 6/15.

We will be finished with Marker 7 and onto Marker 8 by the end of.this month!..that means half of our debts gone in about 4 months!

Truly it is not What you make or have but What your doing with it. My wife and I do not make very much money, but we live on a budget and live well below our means! Almost half of out salary per month is going towards debt!

We are excited because today we have reached $7000 paid off in 3 1/2 months!

Remember this. "Everything is possible for him who believes!" MARK 9:23

Get on a budget, live below your means, get rid of unneeded expenses and materials in your life, stop eating fast food, set goals and get on mission soldier!



Monday, February 21, 2011

Lessons from the blind

I'm not legally blind.
But I very well should be.
Due to our budget cuts to allow more savings for Mt. Debtverest, I decided to cut contacts completely out of our budget. They were getting way too expensive, they were super thin because my astigmatism is SO bad and they would rip often (sometimes in my eye)...so I got glasses.

I haven't worn glasses since maybe 6th grade? So this was a change.

At first, I had SUCH a hard time with glasses.
I couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't see above or below them clearly and I still have to hold the handrail going down the stairs at school because I feel like I'm going to trip.

One thing remained the same whether with glasses or contacts - when I took them off I can't see a thing. (Seriously..)

When I first met Kc, I would have considered myself "financially" BLIND.
I had multiple credit cards and they were all maxed out. I spent and spent and spent until I would be calling the credit card companies asking for an extension on my credit line, or going in and begging my bank to reverse the overdraft fees. I was living for the present & didn't ever want to think about the future. I was determined to spend all that I had and I refused to think that the day would ever come when my bills would all be due. I was so blind in my thinking.
I probably had $20,000 all by myself. I had to have the nicest/newest clothes, the nicest car (I had a Landrover at the time..that I was upside down!), the newest this and the newest that.
I was naive and didn't want to even look at the area of finances in my life because it was SUCH a mess.
I was failing because I was wandering blind, like without my glasses, and spending all I wanted.

I want to encourage you to look and reflect on your spending habits.
Are you financially "blind" ?
Are you not looking at your finances because you don't want to? because it feels like such an out-of-control mess? because you already know deep down that if you do you will have to give up things you love? because you already know you are failing short?

I want to encourage you that I put on my glasses because I WANT to see. We decided on doing Mt. Debtverest because we WANT to be out of debt.
It's not fun walking around blind, running into things, stressing constantly about what I just might walk into, carrying the weight of that burden. I encourage you, financially, to stop carrying the weight of the unknown. The stress of the mess of your finances.
Pray about your debt and ask God to help you find a solution through HIS "lenses" that will make it all clear. Get on a budget and get on a plan.

See, If i wanted a resolution to get rid of the problem I could very well get Lasik. I want to. But Lasik costs money, there are high risks involved *that don't always happen* and than there probably will be some healing time of my eyes that may not feel so good.

It's the same thing with your money.
There is a resolution & it's called getting on a good budget. It will cost you certain things that you "need or love", there will be high risks involved (sacrifices required), and the healing/adjusting time may not feel so good.
But I promise you, lifting that weight of stress off of yourself and getting on a budget is just like me slowly planning & saving for Lasik.
It will all be worth it in the end.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


The last two days have been relatively encouraging. I've taken the last 2 days off and relaxed and refreshed my self. Working many hours is taxing at times and its been nice to rest.

Yesterday my wife and I spent 6-8 hours working on our MT debtverest book. We've finished almost 10,000 words in our books! Super encouraging.

Gods been teaching us a lot.

Please join us in prayer every day at 8 AM for MT debtverest and our ministry to help others live wisely and kill debt.

Our God is king!

Kc kelly